Five Things to Look for in a Personal Trainer

It is a popular concept these days, to have a Personal Trainer for your fitness training. But if you ask around, you may discover that not everyone is happy or satisfied with their Trainers. Why? This may be because though Personal Trainers are professionals and trained to tackle all types of exercise routines, it is important that he should also be someone with who you can share a comfortable training sessions with i.e. someone who fits your personality.

Good communication

You should be able to communicate well with your personal trainer. The trainer must be able to explain all the moves to you, sometimes even on the phone if he is not able to be physically present at the workout. A good personal trainer who has good fitness instructor certification will go beyond just guiding you through the various exercises. He could also guide you as to the right types of food you should buy and eat. If the communication is really good you will be able to manage some sessions on your own without feeling nervous.

PT Course

Patience and commitment

If ever patience is required it would probably be when training someone new to physical workouts. So patience is more than a virtue when it comes to having a good personal trainer. The trainer needs to understand that each client is different and if new to the training, would probably need special attention to learn. The personal trainer also has to assess the new client’s body needs and then draw up special training programmes. This does not happen overnight. It takes time and patience.

Education level

Since it is such a popular profession, all really good and reliable personal trainers should have in their possession a Fitness Certification covering their expertise. This is required because to get this Certification the trainers have to pass special exams covering training procedures, exercise physiology, body functional anatomy, nutrition and how to manage body weight. Besides having completed personal fitness training courses personal trainers should also keep up-to-date with all the latest in fitness trends as also keep in touch with scientific journals as and when published. The physical business field is always evolving so personal trainers need to keep abreast of all the latest developments.


It would be great to be able to boast about the ‘personality’ of your personal trainer. It is not just looks or ability, but also how well you can jibe with your trainer. If the personal trainer has the right approach you will feel comfortable even exposing your worst flaws in front of him, without feeling ashamed or looked down on. A good personal trainer will help you through each stage of the workout and not make you feel insecure or useless.

Being professional

There should always be a professional relationship between you and the personal trainer. Since many trainers work on an hourly rate you will be paying for the duration of the time they spend with you. Small errands like fetching water, or a towel maybe performed by the trainer for the client without causing any embarrassment. Also on the clothes front, the personal trainer report in simple sporting attire.