What is Finesse Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a common surgery to enhance or improve the nasal area. Some people may feel conscious about the natural shape of their nose. Others may need to undergo rhinoplasty Auckland surgery for medical reasons. Sometimes, an unnatural bump may cause problems breathing and so on. So the best way forward is to have a rhinoplasty Auckland surgery. Finesse rhinoplasty is when the surgery is conducted for smaller parts of the nose and on a smaller scale as opposed to the standard procedure. Here are some more facts about finesse rhinoplasty.

Understanding Finesse Rhinoplasty

As the name suggests, finesse rhinoplasty is where smaller areas of the nose are enhanced or improved. It is more of a refinement procedure and is usually done at the request of the patients. In standard rhinoplasty it is either the patient’s choice or a medical requirement.

Patients undergo finesse rhinoplasty when they believe something is wrong with the natural shape of their nose. In some cases the surgery may be required because the natural shape is not in tune to the shape and size of the face. However, in most case, patients are overly conscious about their nose and therefore undergo the surgery.

In finesse or refinement surgery, the changes made are smaller. Furthermore the technique is much more precise than the standard procedure. When you undergo finesse rhinoplasty it helps improve the shape of your nose.

The surgery is conducted under the influence of anaesthesia. That is so the patient doesn’t experience pain during the procedure. It requires a skilled and experience rhinoplasty Auckland doctor to conduct the surgery.

Things to keep in mind

When undergoing finesse rhinoplasty, ensure you approach an experienced doctor or one through references. It is not advisable to undergo the surgery without proper consultation. Go in for a second medical opinion if required.

In finesse rhinoplasty very small changes are made to the structure of the nose. But since it is a type of surgery in itself, ensure you are accompanied by someone reliable during the procedure. Once you wake up after the surgery, you will need help to get home and undertake daily tasks.

Before undergoing the surgery, understand the pros and cons. Sometimes surgery can be beneficial in the long run. Sometimes if it is out of a whim, it may not be worth it. Try to understand the reason behind the surgery.

If you just want to correct the nasal tip or some small area of the nose, if you have the budget and if you are completely sure of yourself, then go ahead with rhinoplasty. Before approaching the doctor to perform the surgery on you, try to review some of the patients he has already worked on to get a fair idea of how his work is. You wouldn’t want to realize a mistake has been made when it comes to your nose! Most rhinoplasty doctors are established and experienced though, you don’t need to worry.

Ensure you follow all the care tips before and after the surgery.