Five Things to Look for in a Personal Trainer

It is a popular concept these days, to have a Personal Trainer for your fitness training. But if you ask around, you may discover that not everyone is happy or satisfied with their Trainers. Why? This may be because though Personal Trainers are professionals and trained to tackle all types of exercise routines, it is important that he should also be someone with who you can share a comfortable training sessions with i.e. someone who fits your personality.

Good communication

You should be able to communicate well with your personal trainer. The trainer must be able to explain all the moves to you, sometimes even on the phone if he is not able to be physically present at the workout. A good personal trainer who has good fitness instructor certification will go beyond just guiding you through the various exercises. He could also guide you as to the right types of food you should buy and eat. If the communication is really good you will be able to manage some sessions on your own without feeling nervous.

PT Course

Patience and commitment

If ever patience is required it would probably be when training someone new to physical workouts. So patience is more than a virtue when it comes to having a good personal trainer. The trainer needs to understand that each client is different and if new to the training, would probably need special attention to learn. The personal trainer also has to assess the new client’s body needs and then draw up special training programmes. This does not happen overnight. It takes time and patience.

Education level

Since it is such a popular profession, all really good and reliable personal trainers should have in their possession a Fitness Certification covering their expertise. This is required because to get this Certification the trainers have to pass special exams covering training procedures, exercise physiology, body functional anatomy, nutrition and how to manage body weight. Besides having completed personal fitness training courses personal trainers should also keep up-to-date with all the latest in fitness trends as also keep in touch with scientific journals as and when published. The physical business field is always evolving so personal trainers need to keep abreast of all the latest developments.


It would be great to be able to boast about the ‘personality’ of your personal trainer. It is not just looks or ability, but also how well you can jibe with your trainer. If the personal trainer has the right approach you will feel comfortable even exposing your worst flaws in front of him, without feeling ashamed or looked down on. A good personal trainer will help you through each stage of the workout and not make you feel insecure or useless.

Being professional

There should always be a professional relationship between you and the personal trainer. Since many trainers work on an hourly rate you will be paying for the duration of the time they spend with you. Small errands like fetching water, or a towel maybe performed by the trainer for the client without causing any embarrassment. Also on the clothes front, the personal trainer report in simple sporting attire.

Dangerously Fit Shares Workouts for Leveraging the After Burn Effect

We are quite aware of the fact that workouts help us to burn calories. But the amount of working out remains fixed to a certain level as it is not possible to burn extra calories that the workout can allow us to burn. Sorry for the incorrect statement, not possible if you are not familiar with after burn effect.

After burn effect is complimented by a certain type of work out which allows you to continue burning calories long after your workouts are over. Dangerously Fit Online Body Transformation Program considers it as the smarter way to burn an extra amount of calories after each workout session.

Know Your Requirements

It’s a process named Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption, or EPOC in short, which our body undergoes after every time we workout, as our body consumes an extra amount of oxygen which is your physiological oxygen demand after you finish off your workout. Longer the time body takes to come to the restore point, longer the process of calorie burning will continue.

After burn

Dangerously Fit Personal Training Bondi Beach would suggest you to have the after burn effect to burn more calories in less time if the ultimate goal of yours is to lose weight. Generally you have to burn almost 1600 calories to lose a kg. So if you have the idea that how much you have to lose, so after burn effect is the solution for you.

High Intensive Interval Training

Dangerously Fit Personal Training Bondi Beach is the ideal place to avail the after burn effect. Here you can start your workout using the method what is called high intensive interval training. High intensive interval training will push you to the limit of yours within a short while and thus you will be able to burn more calories in lesser time, both during and after the training session.

What is EPOC?

Several studies have shown that the process of Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption continues for approximately 38 hours after the workout is over. But the amount of oxygen intake is nominal. So to maximize the calorie burning in the due time, high intensive interval training is the way to go.

At Dangerously Fit an expert panel of trainers conduct these training sessions and monitor each of the clients personally. So you don’t have to worry about the best way to burn more calories without getting yourself injured as these training sessions are highly recommended to be conducted by professional trainers.

Workout and Enjoy

No matter what your requirement is, your personal trainer will take care of everything. General workout trainings like cardio, crunches or weight lifting may give you a result in a long period of time, but Dangerously Fit assures you to give you the best possible result in lesser time.

And not only that, the workouts have been programmed in such a way that you will enjoy the time at the same time when you will burn your calories. So don’t wait anymore, take your workout boots out and join Dangerously Fit Personal Training Bondi Beach.

San Diego Personal Trainer

Hello. I am Terry Smith, a certified and very experienced Melbourne Personal Trainer. I have several years of practical hands on experience behind me. My years in the field of fitness training have helped me become a lot more passionate about my profession. Fitness is one field wherein you have to keep learning new things and upgrading your skills. One of the best parts of the job is that you get to meet so many different kinds of clients who have various complaints about their bodies or various fitness goals to achieve.

I used to work in a reputed gym in the UK. I am from the UK but have been living and working in the San Diego area for more than 10 years. When it comes to fitness training, you have to be certified in certain areas to get more weight age in the industry. One way to be on par with some of the best trainers is by getting certifications in fitness and diet management. Over the years, I decided to upgrade my skills not just by picking new skills but by getting certifications too. I am now a certified San Diego Personal Trainer who has experience in the UK and USA. Not many trainers can boast of a profile like that! I thrive in the world of fitness and with every new client that comes my way I look at it as a new challenge.

I enjoy training people and giving them advice on diets and weight management techniques. I offer my services as a personal trainer too. I can be hired to train you in the comfort of your own home. I am flexible with my timings so it is easy for clients to adjust. Whenever I come across a new client, I always ensure that I thoroughly understand their fitness needs and body type. These are the two elements that will help me to help them manage weight and overall health. It is also important to help clients adjust their diets. The right eating habits will help clients achieve their fitness goals faster.