Kettlebell Training – What’s So Special About It?


Training with kettlebells is one of the fastest growing fitness programmes across the world today. From regular gym rats to celebrities flaunting sculpted figures to top-class athletes; almost everybody seems to be including kettlebells in their regular fitness training. Kettlebell training develops strength as well. As a physical instructor, if you have still not included kettlebell training in your daily sessions; its time you did so in order to offer some amazing benefits to your clients.

So what’s so special about training with kettlebells that make it one of the best fitness regimes ever? Yes, it is special because it is radically different from anything you have ever tried before! Be sure to check out our friends at EPTI for more information.

The Magic of Kettlebells Training

The uniqueness of kettlebells training seems to lie in the unusual shape of the equipment. It is something that is totally different from any other gym equipment you use such as barbells, dumbbells or other fancy gadgets.

The kettlebell is a cannonball shaped heavy piece of apparatus made of solid cast iron. This heavy ball is attached to a much lighter handle at one end, known as the horn. This shape is what makes kettlebells training so different from all other exercise modalities. The difference in weight makes it more difficult to move the kettlebell which is what makes kettlebell training so effective.

Kettlebells Training is Total Body Workout

While working out with the kettlebell, you grip it by the horn and move it in different directions. This really makes the kettlebell an extension of your body as you can move the equipment any which way you want and it remains aligned to your plane of movement. By doing so, you engage more muscles than is usually possible with other equipments.

In fact, training with kettlebells means the entire chain of muscles involved (both minor and major) are exercised with equal intensity which ensures harmonious growth throughout.

Kettlebells offer Best Results in Least Time

By training with kettlebells regularly, your clients can reach their fitness goals in real quick time. This training regime is perhaps the most suitable for busy professionals who can spare very little time for regular workout. Because kettlebells affect all the muscles of the body equally, you can expect maximum fat burning in each and every session.

And the best thing is that training with kettlebells tones the entire body uniformly so that your clients will never bulge up like bodybuilders.

Kettlebells Improve your Range of Motion

With just a few weeks of kettlebell training, you will be amazed at how fluid and flexible your body has become. You will discover new range of motion that you thought were never possible. If your clients are suffering from rigidity or wrong posture because of sedentary lifestyle then kettlebells training is what they should do.

Kettlebell movements such as the swing are fluid in nature which means your body goes through much finer movements that affect even the most minor muscles and joints. With kettlebells, you can regain your entire range of movement and improve upon it further. It’s a an extremely powerful and dynamic fitness regime that vastly improves your flexibility and posture.

Functional Fitness Vs Crossfit

There is no need for you to get bored with a particular workout schedule and stop exercising after some time. There are plenty of workout modules out there that can provide you with a dynamic workout session that is both interesting and effective.

Of late, functional fitness and Crossfit have become two of the most popular workout regimes that are being advocated by fitness buffs. Both approaches have their own pros and cons and you should know more before deciding which one to follow.


Functional Training 

Functional workouts comprise of movement that are simply a repetition of your everyday motions. During training, you can expect to perfume motions such as sitting; walking; jogging; running; sprinting; twisting and turning, pushing and pulling; climbing; lifting and so on. Functional Fitness Courses prices vary, but… like they say – you get what you pay for!

The workouts are so designed so as to improve muscle mass and strength along with flexibility and stability. Combined together, all this optimises your performance in daily life and makes everyday motions smooth and easy.

Benefits of Functional Training 

Functional workouts really help you enjoy life to the fullest. When you can perform all activities seamlessly without the risk of injury or aches; you can achieve more from life. It is a holistic routine that focuses on your entire body since almost all muscle groups are used in some way while performing you everyday chores. Through functional workouts, you can greatly improve your body balance, stability, posture, muscle coordination, functional strength and flexibility.

Kettlebell training is my favourite functional training tool, becoming a Worldwide certified kettlebell instructor at the Australian EPTI is the #1 place to learn kettlebell training.

This type of workout is ideally suited for those leading a sedentary lifestyle with low fitness level; pregnant women who cannot undergo strenuous workouts; aging population who suffer from stiffness and muscle degeneration, adolescents and young adults suffering from wrong posture or those undergoing rehab from injury or debilitating condition that has made it difficult to perform normal activities.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of functional workout is that they can be done by everybody; even beginners with no previous experience of training. The intensity is low and safe; workouts are mostly free hand i.e you don’t need any fancy equipments and the movements simple enough to be done at home all by yourself. Once you learn the basics, you can do this workout everyday anytime anywhere to maintain optimum fitness and ease of movement.


Developed in the early 2000s, Crossfit has managed to retain its popularity even after all these years. It is an exciting mix of random calisthenics, gymnastic moves, barbell workouts, running and other fast paced motions. The aim of such high intensity workout is usually to force your body into doing more, performing better and aiming for the next level of fitness.

Crossfit workouts have the potential to push you to the extreme so that you emerge stronger, fitter and leaner. You see a vast improvement in muscle mass; fat loss is quick and your body gains a lean; well-sculpted look.

Pitfalls of Crossfit

Crossfit is definitely for those who have some amount of fitness and previous experience of working out. Such intense exercises are not for beginners and can lead to injury. Moreover, you require equipments and a gym setup to do Crossfits effectively; which kind of limits its application across clients.