Five Things to Look for in a Personal Trainer

It is a popular concept these days, to have a Personal Trainer for your fitness training. But if you ask around, you may discover that not everyone is happy or satisfied with their Trainers. Why? This may be because though Personal Trainers are professionals and trained to tackle all types of exercise routines, it is important that he should also be someone with who you can share a comfortable training sessions with i.e. someone who fits your personality.

Good communication

You should be able to communicate well with your personal trainer. The trainer must be able to explain all the moves to you, sometimes even on the phone if he is not able to be physically present at the workout. A good personal trainer who has good fitness instructor certification will go beyond just guiding you through the various exercises. He could also guide you as to the right types of food you should buy and eat. If the communication is really good you will be able to manage some sessions on your own without feeling nervous.

PT Course

Patience and commitment

If ever patience is required it would probably be when training someone new to physical workouts. So patience is more than a virtue when it comes to having a good personal trainer. The trainer needs to understand that each client is different and if new to the training, would probably need special attention to learn. The personal trainer also has to assess the new client’s body needs and then draw up special training programmes. This does not happen overnight. It takes time and patience.

Education level

Since it is such a popular profession, all really good and reliable personal trainers should have in their possession a Fitness Certification covering their expertise. This is required because to get this Certification the trainers have to pass special exams covering training procedures, exercise physiology, body functional anatomy, nutrition and how to manage body weight. Besides having completed personal fitness training courses personal trainers should also keep up-to-date with all the latest in fitness trends as also keep in touch with scientific journals as and when published. The physical business field is always evolving so personal trainers need to keep abreast of all the latest developments.


It would be great to be able to boast about the ‘personality’ of your personal trainer. It is not just looks or ability, but also how well you can jibe with your trainer. If the personal trainer has the right approach you will feel comfortable even exposing your worst flaws in front of him, without feeling ashamed or looked down on. A good personal trainer will help you through each stage of the workout and not make you feel insecure or useless.

Being professional

There should always be a professional relationship between you and the personal trainer. Since many trainers work on an hourly rate you will be paying for the duration of the time they spend with you. Small errands like fetching water, or a towel maybe performed by the trainer for the client without causing any embarrassment. Also on the clothes front, the personal trainer report in simple sporting attire.

Dangerously Fit Shares Workouts for Leveraging the After Burn Effect

We are quite aware of the fact that workouts help us to burn calories. But the amount of working out remains fixed to a certain level as it is not possible to burn extra calories that the workout can allow us to burn. Sorry for the incorrect statement, not possible if you are not familiar with after burn effect.

After burn effect is complimented by a certain type of work out which allows you to continue burning calories long after your workouts are over. Dangerously Fit Online Body Transformation Program considers it as the smarter way to burn an extra amount of calories after each workout session.

Know Your Requirements

It’s a process named Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption, or EPOC in short, which our body undergoes after every time we workout, as our body consumes an extra amount of oxygen which is your physiological oxygen demand after you finish off your workout. Longer the time body takes to come to the restore point, longer the process of calorie burning will continue.

After burn

Dangerously Fit Personal Training Bondi Beach would suggest you to have the after burn effect to burn more calories in less time if the ultimate goal of yours is to lose weight. Generally you have to burn almost 1600 calories to lose a kg. So if you have the idea that how much you have to lose, so after burn effect is the solution for you.

High Intensive Interval Training

Dangerously Fit Personal Training Bondi Beach is the ideal place to avail the after burn effect. Here you can start your workout using the method what is called high intensive interval training. High intensive interval training will push you to the limit of yours within a short while and thus you will be able to burn more calories in lesser time, both during and after the training session.

What is EPOC?

Several studies have shown that the process of Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption continues for approximately 38 hours after the workout is over. But the amount of oxygen intake is nominal. So to maximize the calorie burning in the due time, high intensive interval training is the way to go.

At Dangerously Fit an expert panel of trainers conduct these training sessions and monitor each of the clients personally. So you don’t have to worry about the best way to burn more calories without getting yourself injured as these training sessions are highly recommended to be conducted by professional trainers.

Workout and Enjoy

No matter what your requirement is, your personal trainer will take care of everything. General workout trainings like cardio, crunches or weight lifting may give you a result in a long period of time, but Dangerously Fit assures you to give you the best possible result in lesser time.

And not only that, the workouts have been programmed in such a way that you will enjoy the time at the same time when you will burn your calories. So don’t wait anymore, take your workout boots out and join Dangerously Fit Personal Training Bondi Beach.

Bootcamps in Broadbeach Shares Healthy Snacking Tips and Ideas

It happens so often, at the middle of the night, in a small break from your work or at any point of time in an idle Sunday, that you feel like reaching out to the fridge and grab something to make your chewing muscle busy. Snacking is a habit that we all accustomed with, and generally we compromise with the extra bit of calories against the momentary pleasure we get by swallowing a can of soda, or an apparently innocent but highly calorific bar of chocolate.

Snacking is nothing but a meal which add up to your daily calorie chart, so unless you plan your snacking properly and include them into your daily routine chart accordingly, those added calories will only give you rising in the reading of weighing machine. Bootcamps in Broadbeach will share some tips and ideas to plan your snacking without taking the pleasure of snacking away from you.

Why Snacking
Ask yourself the reason to snack. Bootcamps in Broadbeach considers that snacking is a process of getting extra amount of calorie in between the main courses. People who require maintaining the metabolic health must have a separate mention in their diet chart about the snack they would have daily. But most of the people actually don’t need snacking as it is nothing but added sources of calorie for them.
So bootcamps Broadbeach would suggest, if you’re not a kind of person who burns too much calories in between the meals and in need of extra calories then you may skip the snack for that time and wait for your next meal, as unnecessary snacks would reduce the calorie intake in the upcoming meal.

Think Before You Swallow
When you are feeling the real need to snack something, don’t just enter the fridge and start eating. Eat something which will fulfil your need of calorie and at the same time will not harm you by adding insulin to your bloodstream.

Choosing fruits like an apple or a slice of watermelon is the wise choice, or you can go for the vegetable sticks like carrots or sweet baby corns. Choosing right alternatives could also help. Broadbeach bootcamp trainers would advise you to go for multigrain chips instead of potato chips.

Know Where to Put the Brakes On
No matter what is the food that you’re snacking, it is very important to know the right amount. You may opt for low fat chips or sugar free candies, they do have some amount of calorific value, and if you can’t control the amount, it will be of no help. Balancing the protein is also very crucial, because protein educes the rate of insulin to invade into our bloodstreams. A According to Broadbeach bootcamps trainers, if you are not being able to put the brakes once you push the accelerator, play tricks on yourself. Don’t store in your fridge anything that is making you restless. Then play lethargic to go to the shop when you see that your favourite choc-bar is not there in the fridge.

Benefits of Participating in Obstacle Races

More and more people are drawn towards obstacle races as they are excellent way to regain fitness and they are a sure fire amusement fix. You should consider participating in obstacles races if you are on the lookout for a thrilling event that offers a tough physical challenge. Obstacles races are all about overcoming a number of physical challenges while traveling on foot. Obstacles races are extremely popular for the benefits associated with them.

Best for Instilling Important Values

The entire sport is all about the determination to succeed and never getting bogged down by obstacles. It is about overcoming the tough physical challenges that come on the way. Some of the obstacles introduced in this popular sport are typically used in military training.

However, most of the obstacles are completely unique to this sport. These obstacles are rigorously designed to test your mental toughness, strength, endurance, mobility, and speed. You get an opportunity to learn important life lessons regarding ways to handle mentally and physically, the unknown and the uncertain.

Increased Ability to Tolerate Physical Distress and Discomfort

Obstacles racing is really a tough challenge and even if you are physically fit and in real good shape or even if you have had a decent exposure to tough musculoskeletal and cardiovascular program, you would soon realize that your previous pain tolerance level is just not enough to overcome the extra difficult challenges of this sport.

You get an opportunity to improve your mental and physical ability to withstand pain. After completing obstacles racing event successfully, you would be sure to face all future life- challenges much easily than before.

Incorporates Full Body Training

Obstacles racing is about cross training your body in innovative movement patterns that ensure musculoskeletal and cardiovascular fitness and simultaneously exerts stress on your physiology and joints in a number of ways. This is a full body workout endeavour that helps to build a relatively much tougher body than any other weight training program offered at a gym.

Inculcates in You the Ability and Eagerness to Overcome the Uncertainty

You have absolutely no idea about the terrain you are going to bump into. You have to be prepared for all sorts of possibilities and challenges. In obstacles racing you could happen to come across varied challenges including dirt trials, absolutely rocky river beds, sand dunes, culverts or even waist deep water. Your mission is to triumph over the unknown and uncertain.

Assists in Developing Endurance Qualities

Obstacles races are all about transporting your entire body weight under, over, through or around obstacles. You are taught to use dynamic and functional movements to boost strength. Both your strength and stamina are enhanced. Obstacles races are all about boosting cardiovascular fitness and hybrid fitness. It is the best way to be in shape and to stay motivated. You experience a superb sense of achievement when you are able to overcome the new challenges and achieve the unique goals. Obstacle racing is a fun way of getting back to shape and enhancing mental strength to face the unknown without getting daunted. If you are fun-loving and adventurous you must participate in obstacles races.

What is Finesse Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a common surgery to enhance or improve the nasal area. Some people may feel conscious about the natural shape of their nose. Others may need to undergo rhinoplasty Auckland surgery for medical reasons. Sometimes, an unnatural bump may cause problems breathing and so on. So the best way forward is to have a rhinoplasty Auckland surgery. Finesse rhinoplasty is when the surgery is conducted for smaller parts of the nose and on a smaller scale as opposed to the standard procedure. Here are some more facts about finesse rhinoplasty.

Understanding Finesse Rhinoplasty

As the name suggests, finesse rhinoplasty is where smaller areas of the nose are enhanced or improved. It is more of a refinement procedure and is usually done at the request of the patients. In standard rhinoplasty it is either the patient’s choice or a medical requirement.

Patients undergo finesse rhinoplasty when they believe something is wrong with the natural shape of their nose. In some cases the surgery may be required because the natural shape is not in tune to the shape and size of the face. However, in most case, patients are overly conscious about their nose and therefore undergo the surgery.

In finesse or refinement surgery, the changes made are smaller. Furthermore the technique is much more precise than the standard procedure. When you undergo finesse rhinoplasty it helps improve the shape of your nose.

The surgery is conducted under the influence of anaesthesia. That is so the patient doesn’t experience pain during the procedure. It requires a skilled and experience rhinoplasty Auckland doctor to conduct the surgery.

Things to keep in mind

When undergoing finesse rhinoplasty, ensure you approach an experienced doctor or one through references. It is not advisable to undergo the surgery without proper consultation. Go in for a second medical opinion if required.

In finesse rhinoplasty very small changes are made to the structure of the nose. But since it is a type of surgery in itself, ensure you are accompanied by someone reliable during the procedure. Once you wake up after the surgery, you will need help to get home and undertake daily tasks.

Before undergoing the surgery, understand the pros and cons. Sometimes surgery can be beneficial in the long run. Sometimes if it is out of a whim, it may not be worth it. Try to understand the reason behind the surgery.

If you just want to correct the nasal tip or some small area of the nose, if you have the budget and if you are completely sure of yourself, then go ahead with rhinoplasty. Before approaching the doctor to perform the surgery on you, try to review some of the patients he has already worked on to get a fair idea of how his work is. You wouldn’t want to realize a mistake has been made when it comes to your nose! Most rhinoplasty doctors are established and experienced though, you don’t need to worry.

Ensure you follow all the care tips before and after the surgery.

San Diego Personal Trainer

Hello. I am Terry Smith, a certified and very experienced Melbourne Personal Trainer. I have several years of practical hands on experience behind me. My years in the field of fitness training have helped me become a lot more passionate about my profession. Fitness is one field wherein you have to keep learning new things and upgrading your skills. One of the best parts of the job is that you get to meet so many different kinds of clients who have various complaints about their bodies or various fitness goals to achieve.

I used to work in a reputed gym in the UK. I am from the UK but have been living and working in the San Diego area for more than 10 years. When it comes to fitness training, you have to be certified in certain areas to get more weight age in the industry. One way to be on par with some of the best trainers is by getting certifications in fitness and diet management. Over the years, I decided to upgrade my skills not just by picking new skills but by getting certifications too. I am now a certified San Diego Personal Trainer who has experience in the UK and USA. Not many trainers can boast of a profile like that! I thrive in the world of fitness and with every new client that comes my way I look at it as a new challenge.

I enjoy training people and giving them advice on diets and weight management techniques. I offer my services as a personal trainer too. I can be hired to train you in the comfort of your own home. I am flexible with my timings so it is easy for clients to adjust. Whenever I come across a new client, I always ensure that I thoroughly understand their fitness needs and body type. These are the two elements that will help me to help them manage weight and overall health. It is also important to help clients adjust their diets. The right eating habits will help clients achieve their fitness goals faster.